Sheffield has a long and proud history in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension (PH). In 2019, Sheffield remains one of the largest centres in the world, evaluating over 900 new patient referrals with suspected PH and managing around 2000 patients with PAH & CTEPH annually.

An agreement between The University of Sheffield (TUoS), Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH) and Actelion Pharmaceuticals (UK Ltd) we developed the Donald Heath Doctoral Training Programme in Pulmonary Hypertension (2015-2020). This programme successfully supported 3 clinical research and 3 basic scientists through their postgraduate studies.

From this funding, we have developed an integrated Pulmonary Hypertension Research Centre within the Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease at the University of Sheffield with a strong focus on delivering world leading patient facing research.